North Texas SHARE is working together to provide for your organization.

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Who can participate?

An organization is eligible to participate if it is:

  • A county
  • An incorporated city, municipality, town, or village
  • An authority, district or other political subdivision of the state
  • A non-profit organization providing governmental services



How to Participate

Complete the Interlocal Agreement (ILA) and email the executed pages to us.  Emails have the same legality as original signature pages. A fully executed agreement will be returned to you via email.  If your organization requires a paper copy, please let us know.

Some organization require a signed “resolution” approved by their agency.  Although we do not require one, we have provided a SHARE Sample Resolution for your reference.  You are not required to use the provided wording or format.  We recommend agencies have their legal counsels review prior to use.

Non-profit Organizations

Qualifying non-profits that provide one or more government services (e.g., Volunteer Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services) must also submit:

  • Copy of 501(c)(3) Form
  • Copy of Charter and By-Laws that highlight governmental service(s) performed
  • Certification of the governmental service(s) performed

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