Pavement Analysis Services

The Pavement Analysis Services program allows participating entities to choose from any of four highly qualified vendors to contract for pavement analysis services.

Previously, if a municipality wanted to analyze the pavement in their community, they had to procure for vendors individually. Due to the nature of these services, a high equipment mobilization fee would be included in the vendor’s fees. NCTCOG SHARE has completed the competitive procurement on a regional level and due to the expected number of users, vendors’ fees will be lower as the equipment will be continually mobilized in our region. Pavement analysis services are also more cost efficient at a bulk level, which will lower costs for smaller cities by participating in a regional program.

Participating entities can choose from a variety of menu options within pavement analysis services, including digital image collection, ADA ramp location and configuration, Pavement Condition Index (PCI) scores, budget estimates, and training. The full menu of option can be found under the “Ready to Purchase” tab.

How to Purchase

If you have not already completed an Interlocal Agreement, please complete the form and submit it via these instructions.  To see if your organization has already completed an ILA, view a list of participating entities.

An Engagement Letter/Request for Service will also need to be executed between you and the chosen vendor.  Those documents are included the Contract Information tab.

SHARE encourages participants to independently review the pricing for all four vendors to determine which option is most beneficial for them.   

Once a vendor is chosen and a Purchase Order is created, please send a confirming Purchase Order to North Texas SHARE.

Data Transfer Solutions, LLC
Bart Williamson
P: 210-481-5333 (office)
P: 210-837-5249 (cell)

Dynatest North America, Inc.
Robert R. Williams, P.E., APMP (Reuben) 
P: 512-521-5008 x215 (office)
P: 512-579-7644 (cell/primary)

Fugro Roadware, Inc.
Adam Cowie
P: 512-979-1800 (office)
P: 737-600-2048 (cell)

IMS Infrastructure Management Services, Inc.
Zac Thomason, M.B.A.
P: 480-839-4347 (office)
P: 623-640-2897 (cell)