Program Highlights

NAPA Auto Parts -Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) program brings the substantial combined corporate assets of Genuine Parts Company’s family of supply and distribution enterprises, company and small-business independent stores along with extensive experience into play in 23+ years of running successful on-site and offsite vendor managed inventory operations with government fleet and warehousing facilities.

NAPA Auto Parts, utilizing their own resources and strategic partnerships with numerous additional local and national resources currently provides parts, service and expertise necessary to provide a reliable and complete “dedicated” on-site source of repair parts and services for NJPA members to:

  • Achieve a significant reduction in administrative procedures
  • Reduce transactional costs through centralized billing across multiple vendors
  • Deliver increase in on-demand parts availability
  • Drive increases in fleet technician performance
  • Reduce vehicle downtime in fleet operations
  • Eliminate obsolete parts and shrinkage costs through efficient parts room management technologies
  • Significantly reduce the cost of parts and warehouse inventory ownership
  • Provide a turn-key sourcing solution service that will enable government agencies to operate the repair and warehouse facilities more efficiently, resulting in savings of funds through cost avoidance

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NAPA – Genuine Parts Company

Genuine Parts Company/ NAPA IBS more than 380 active vendor managed parts warehousing partnership locations across the United States and Canada. With our 23+ years of experience in operating these integrated supply operations NAPA can provide some key added-value help to a government fleet organization to help their shops parts operation run smoothly and efficiently.

Our customers today consist of many City, County, School, Higher Ed, Utility, Transit, and MRO Warehousing facilities. NAPA has alliances formed with outside vendors in order to provide the best possible customized service at a competitive price.

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NCTCOG has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with NJPA to provide NAPA products and/or services to participating SHARE entities.  SHARE entities do not need a membership with NJPA to utilize this contract.  However, participating entities must first complete an ILA with North Texas SHARE, a program of NCTCOG, to access these products/services.  Has your entity already completed and ILA?  Please click here to view a current list of participating entities.

Ready to Purchase?

If you have not already completed an Interlocal Agreement, please complete the form and submit it via these instructions.  To see if your organization has already completed an ILA, view the list of participating organizations.

Once vendor is chosen and a Purchase Order is created, please send a confirming Purchase Order to North Texas SHARE.

To request more information about available products, please contact the dedicated SHARE Vice President-NAPA IBS with NAPA.

Jett Kuntz
Vice President – NAPA IBS
P: 770-855-2221 (office)