Program Highlights

  • A shared learning platform maximizing volume-based subscription pricing
  • Initial implementation/services costs reduced by more than 40%
  • Pre-built system framework significantly reduces timelines to “go-live”
  • Flexible configuration settings allow system preferences to be set at the organizational level rather than globally
  • Customized, branded web portals that match your organization’s look and feel
  • Variety of online training content available related to police, fire, professional development, planning & zoning and many others

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Cornerstone/NCTCOG partnership organically came about through a rebranding initiative of North Texas Share’s sister program, the Training & Development Institute (TDI), formerly known as the Regional Training Center.  As the TDI was redefining the training solutions offered to the region, it became clear that there were different needs for different organizations.  Some participating organizations need supplemental training, either in the classroom or online training and others needed a way to manage their overall organization development strategy as a whole!  The Cornerstone SHARE program brings a talent management market leader directly to member organizations and offers incredible savings by the way of shared technology.

The LMS has been developed in a shared environment designed to maximize time and resources in deploying talent management technology, in addition to volume-based pricing in order to maximize savings on software descriptions.  The NCTCOG has set up the LMS system for its own employee population, as well as designed it in a way so that other organizations can set up their employee groups completely segmented from the other participants.  Participating entities get the benefit of leveraging a leader in the market for a fraction of the cost based upon volume-based savings when all participants are pooled into one contract.  The shared platform is made available through Cornerstone’s GSA-70 contract (GS-35F-0247V).

NCTCOG has entered into a master contract with Cornerstone.  Participating entities would enter into an agreement with NCTCOG and receive invoices from NCTCOG, rather than Cornerstone.

Ready to Purchase?

If you have not already completed an Interlocal Agreement, please complete the form and submit it via these instructions.  To see if your organization has already completed an ILA, view a list of Participating Organizations.

To request a demo of the Cornerstone talent platform and obtain pricing for your organization, please contact the dedicated NCTCOG Sales Manager with Cornerstone.

Hilary Harris
Regional Manager, Public Sector
P: 805-895-5989

Contract Information