Program Highlights

  • Flexible, reliable 24/7 payment options for defendants including a call center toll-free number with translation services
  • No cost to the entity and reasonable convenience fees to the payee
  • Meets PCI compliance standards
  • Direct payment to the entity issuing the warrant
  • Internal controls and report features allowing for adequate tracking of revenues and prompt dismissal of warrants
  • Ability to add jurisdictions through simple ILA
  • Minimized jail time, cost, and risk associated with prisoner transfers/detention
  • Minimized administrative costs to accept and administer the entire process

Electronic Warrant Payment Services

The Electronic Warrant Payment Services program allows participating entities to accept warrant payments on behalf of other participating entities. Government Payment Services, LLC (GovPayNet) was selected as the service provider following a competitive procurement process.

Previously, if an entity wanted to collect fine and bond payments for other entities, a transfer of money or issuance of a check was required, which was an inefficient process. With the Electronic Warrant Payment Shared Service, GovPayNet collects all funds and facilitates the transfer of money from entity to entity. It’s a hands-off process for the entity that reduces costs and liability for participants. GovPayNet transfers funds via ACH on the next day after receipt.

A pilot group comprised of Arlington, Carrollton, Euless, Grand Prairie, and Plano was established to help draft legal agreements and determine the best way to structure the program. The pilot group began actively using GovPayNet for electronic warrant payments on behalf of other entities in June 2013.

Ready to Purchase?

If you have not already completed an Interlocal Agreement, please complete the form and submit it via these instructions.

Contact Government Payment Services (GovPayNet) to initiate the process.

Tom McCarty
Sales Manager- South/Central US
P: 888-561-7888 x351 M: 281-300-3426

Once a Purchase Order is created for the vendor, please cc: North Texas SHARE or send a confirming Purchase Order to .