Early Childhood Curriculum

The Early Childhood Curriculum Program allows participating entities to choose from any of five highly qualified vendors to provide quality educational curriculum products.  These vendors have been hand selected for the quality of their product and the resources that they can offer to both educators and pupils alike with governmental negotiated pricing.  Highlights of the program include:

  • Programs are aligned to Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines
  • Texas-Rising-Star-Guidelines compliant programs are available
  • Research-based, thematic instruction to address all angles of early childhood learning
  • Contains engaging activities that encourage hands-on learning like games, applications, books and educational materials
  • Supportive teaching resources and course guidelines
  • Bilingual support and educational material is available
  • Program support for educators and administrators
  • Digital and/or physical media is available

How to Purchase

If you have not already completed an Interlocal Agreement, please complete the form and submit it via these instructions.  To see if your organization has already completed an ILA, view a list of participating organizations.

To obtain a quote for your organization, please contact the dedicated NCTCOG Sales Manager per the contact information below.

North Texas SHARE encourages participants to independently review the pricing for all five vendors to determine which option is most beneficial for them.   

Once a vendor is chosen and a Purchase Order is created, please send a confirming Purchase Order to North Texas SHARE.

Abrams Learning Trends
Eric Ruth, North Texas Sales Consultant
P: 972-322-4930 (office)

delibrainy, LLC
David Ritblatt, Co-Founder & CEO
P: 858-746-7018

Robert-Leslie Publishing, LLC
Marilyn Overby, Educator Support Manager
P: 773-935-8358 (office)

Teaching Strategies, LLC
Twyla Kerlee, Business Development Manager
P: 817-751-1370 (cell)

Waterford Research Institute
Pam A. Palmer, Regional Vice President
P: 660-885-9395 (office)
P: 660-890-5398 (cell)